5G NR 中的 PCell / SCell / PScell / SpCell

四种 cell 之间的区别和联系

abbre name condition properties
PCell Primary Cell under MCG * Under MCG there may be many Cells,
* PCell is used to initiate the initial access.
* As the name implies, PCell is the most “main” cell in MCG.
PSCell Primary Secondary Cell under SCG * Most important cell under the SCG.
* PSCell Performs the initial access under the SCG
SCell Secondary Cell under MCG / SCG * PCell is the cell which UE initially finds and connects to,
* One or more SCells can be configured once the UE is in Connected mode.
* SCell can be rapidly activated or deactivated to meet the variations in the traffic Pattern.
SpCell Special Cell * SpCell = PCell + PSCell
* a lot of signaling is only sent on PCell and PSCell.
* SpCell supports PUCCH transmission and contention based Random access.
* It is always activated

两种 Cell Group - Master & Secondary

abbre name properties primary cell
MCG Master Cell group group of serving cells associated with the Master Node comprising of the PCell and optionally one or more SCells PCell
SCG Secondary Cell group SpCell = PCell + PSCell
group of serving cells associated with the Secondary Node comprising of the SpCell (PSCell) and optionally one or more SCells.

两种 Node - Master & Secondary

Name Tags
Master Node The node (radio access node) that provides the control plane connection to the core network in case of multi radio dual connectivity (MR-DC).
Secondary Node The radio access node, with no control plane connection to the core network, providing additional resources to the UE in case of MR-DC."
  • Under MCG: The PCell under MCG and the SCell under MCG are united together by Carrier Aggregation (CA) technology.
  • Under SCG: The PSCell under SCG and SCell under SCG are united by CA technology.

MCG and SCG are concepts under DC (Dual connectivity). It can be simply understood that the group where the initiates random access (RACH) is performed is the MCG. If there is no dual link, there is no concept of MCG and SCG. It can also be understood that when link is performed, the cell group corresponds to the MCG.


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